Miscanthus Giganteus - very profitable energetic herb
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About Miscanthus

Culture of Miscanthus is a very ecological and economical crop:

  • After the first year, usually it doesn’t need any treatment or care of the land
  • You don’t have annual costs for seeds / rhizomes and for processing of land for 20-25 years
  • Miscanthus…more...
About us

Alianta pentru Energie Regenerabila 
delivers quality Miscanthus rhizomes, tested on different soils in Romania.We are the only providers who have experience in planting…more...

Miscanthus Rhizomes / Seedlings

Miscanthus Rhizomes / Seedlings

Miscanthus - 4th week

Miscanthus - 4th week

Miscanthus Summer

Miscanthus - 3rd year, summer

Miscanthus Arad

Arad - December 2011, 3rd year

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Method of Ecological Reconstruction of tailings and / or ash dumps

Miscanthus Giganteus can give value to tailings and / or ash dumps and this was certified by the patent obtained…

November 30, 2019
PROINVENT Excellence Diploma

The results of Miscanthus Romania team and his collaborators, Prof. Ph.D. HORIA BARBU and Dr. Ing.

April 4, 2016
Newsletter 14.12.2015

Establishing a culture of Miscanthus Giganteus begin to be considered

December 14, 2015
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