Newsletter 14.12.2015
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Newsletter 14.12.2015

December 14, 2015

Establishing a culture of Miscanthus Giganteus begin to be considered by a number of increasingly larger farmers as an alternative option for arable crops for next year.

NEW! Depending on the size and positioning of your land,  for large plantations, rhizomes are available for free with the harvest taking for a minimum 10 years.

Why to plant Miscanthus Giganteus?

First of all, single time planting and yearly harvesting for 20-25 years.

Culture of Miscanthus is a very ecological and economical crop:

  • After the first year, usually it doesn’t need any treatment or care of the land
  • You don’t have annual costs for seeds / rhizomes and for processing of land for 20-25 years
  • Can be planted in some soils less suitable for other crops
  • High efficiency (estimated production - on average 20 tons per hectare)
  • No special equipment required for harvesting: harvesting is simple, with a harvester or balers

Learn more about the advantages of establishing a culture of Miscanthus:

How to order Miscanthus rhizomes Giganteus?

Those who are interested in growing miscanthus in the spring of 2016 should know that rhizomes must be ordered ahead of time to be extracted from the ground. Reservations can be made from this month and for orders until 29.02.2016, rhizomes price is:

  • 2000 E + VAT / ha for 1-3 ha areas
  • 1850 E + VAT / ha for areas larger than 3ha.


PROINVENT Excellence Diploma

The results of Miscanthus Romania team and his collaborators, Prof. Ph.D. HORIA BARBU and Dr. Ing.

April 4, 2016
Newsletter 14.12.2015

Establishing a culture of Miscanthus Giganteus begin to be considered

December 14, 2015
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