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Arge Miscanthus Romania - Experience in the cultivation of Miscanthus in Romania

To consider for starting a Miscanthus plantation:

Weed control and soil preparation have an important role for the development of any culture and this must be done since the previous autumn planting. For the establishment of Miscanthus crops, especially because of the perennial character and its start-up costs, this
is essential for a successful and profitable culture.

The soil preparation aims to increase and maintain its fertility, moisture in the soil and provide weed control.

Details for planting and maintaining a culture of Miscanthus:

  • Miscanthus grows generally well in that land where corn grows
  • Ideal planting period would be in March or April
  • In Eastern Europe Miscanthus has no seeds and therefore it be a vegetative reproduction. For it will be used rhizomes, which can be planted manually or mechanically with our assistance with a semi-automatic sowing machine.(Density 1m x 1 m = 10.000 pieces/hectare)

  • Important is that the planting depth should be equal (depth of approx. 5-8 cm)
  • Planted rhizomes should be sunk well
  • After planting, although the Miscanthus is a plant that grows without problems, to intervene to combat weeds, according to the instructions recommended by Arge Miscanthus
  • On the winter period, all the leaves fall and the plant is dry to a humidity percentage of 10 to 15%
  • From the second year of culture - can be harvested in spring

  • Harvested material can be stored easily, without having to dry
  • Harvesting will be done with a combine or balers, depending on how it will be used.
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The results of Miscanthus Romania team and his collaborators, Prof. Ph.D. HORIA BARBU and Dr. Ing.

April 4, 2016
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