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Ways to use

Ways to use Miscanthus

After harvesting, Miscanthus can be processed, depending on its use (bales, hash, briquettes, pellets). Miscanthus can be transformed into the briquettes / pellets WITHOUT the addition of binders.

  • Culture of Miscanthus can be used to produce electricity and / or heat, in large power plants (30 MW), which use thousands of tons of biomass annually, as well as in small household systems that use several tons, during the winter months

  • For garden decoration instead of bark; straw substitute for strawberry crops
  • Chopped Miscanthus can be used instead of straw and sawdust for horses and small animals
  • Fermented and chopped Miscanthus can be used as potting peat
  • It is ideal for manufacturing various construction materials such as wall panels, interior and exterior plaster, tiles, isolation plates
  • Miscanthus can be used as various plastic organic products (pots, bank cards, auto parts industry)
PROINVENT Excellence Diploma

The results of Miscanthus Romania team and his collaborators, Prof. Ph.D. HORIA BARBU and Dr. Ing.

April 4, 2016
Newsletter 14.12.2015

Establishing a culture of Miscanthus Giganteus begin to be considered

December 14, 2015
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For about 7 years, we are one of the leading…

October 6, 2015
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